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Monitor the performance of your results
and your assays…at-a-glance

SmartQC™ Statistical Assay Analysis, included in StatLIA® Assay Analysis Software, uses powerful, published statistical methodology to provide the following:

  • Instant feedback on the quality of your results and assay performance using simple visual tools.
  • Metrics to determine and monitor assay acceptance criteria, and validate test methods
  • Easy method development and optimization by statistical analysis of assay components
  • Simplified assay troubleshooting by tracking performance of assay components
Trust the accuracy of your results with SmartQC™ Error Profiles
Assess the performance of your assay at-a-glance
precision profile
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good and bad assay
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Determining the Error of Dose Estimates and Minimum and Maximum Acceptable Concentrations from Assay with Nonlinear Dose-Response Curves, Gottschalk PG, Dunn JR, Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2005; 80:204-215. (Free Reprint Available)


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