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Our Technical Support staff includes software engineers, biologists, and mathematicians, who can assist you with every step of running and analyzing your assays in StatLIA.   If you have a question about collecting the raw data from your instruments, setting up your assays, analyzing the results, or transferring data to or from StatLIA, our staff has the expertise to guide you through every step.  If necessary, StatLIA data files can be easily transferred to our staff by e-mail for quick resolutions about support or data analysis issues.  Our technical support agreements include unlimited calls during regular business hours, from 9 a.m. - 8 p.m. EST. We also provide continual software maintenance, including new releases, interim releases, and new documentation.  Support is only a phone call away.

File Transfer

StatLIA data files and log reports can be easily sent to Brendan’s support staff by e-mail or a secured FTP site.  This enables Brendan’s support staff to quickly identify the cause and resolution of an operational or data-related problem.  In addition to resolving a problem, our staff can use the customer’s own data to further show how StatLIA’s analysis can assist with assay development, validation, and troubleshooting.

Error and Security Logs

StatLIA captures any error messages that may be generated during an operation in the Error Log.  StatLIA also automatically records all activities performed in StatLIA in the Security Log to assist with regulatory compliance.  These logs provide a valuable resource to record errors or retrace the specific actions taken in the software that may have caused a problem.  The logs can be viewed or printed, and can be easily e-mailed to our support staff to help pinpoint the cause and resolution of a support question.

Contact Support

Our technical support staff can be reached by phone at 760-929-7500 ext. 7 or


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