Brendan Bioanalytics

Finding Better Ways to See More, Know More and Do More

Brendan Technologies is Now Brendan Bioanalytics

With the launch of STATLIA MATRIX, the name of the company was changed to Brendan Bioanalytics from Brendan Technologies. The name, Brendan Bioanalytics, provides a better fit for our company and a more descriptive name to define a key part of what we do. The analytics in our software for the technologies we serve has always been one of our software’s core capabilities. The software does much more than analyze assays, but the analytics is still an important hallmark of STATLIA MATRIX and our company.

Introducing Breakthroughs

Brendan Bioanlytics has always strived to develop software that provides the most advanced analysis, accuracy, and workflow capabilities available for the testing technologies we serve. And we have introduced many advancements through these efforts. Our STATLIA software developed and introduced the Gold Standard 5 parameter and 4 parameter logistic models for nonlinear curve fitting. Our software also introduced a method for automatically computing accurate weighting based on our customer’s previously run assays. This accurate weighting has enabled the addition of many new metrics and graphs new to the industry. One of these new metrics provides a measure of the amount of nonparallelism between two curves for potency assays. Our software also introduced a Monte Carlo method to provide more accurate confidence interval estimates. The manuscripts written on these and other methods used in our software continue to be widely cited throughout the literature.

Launching Innovations in Analysis and Workflow

Brendan Bioanlytics has just introduced its newest software product, STATLIA MATRIX.  The company has taken all of the experience and knowledge gained over the years about analysis, workflow and document management and poured it into the design of STATLIA MATRIX.  The software combines the graphs, metrics and analysis needed by the analyst with the enterprise workflow and document management capabilities needed by the laboratory.  We realize that enterprise software that helps lab’s streamline and standardize their assay processes is better able to meet today’s regulatory and analytical demands.  That is why we developed STATLIA MATRIX.  The software that let’s you:  See More, Know More and Do More.