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Brief product notes about running, developing, analyzing, and managing immunoassays, potency bioassays, and immunogenicity assays.

Is My Curve Good?

STATLIA MATRIX includes a high resolution graph, goodness of fit metrics, and other graphs and metrics to reliably determine if your curve fit is good.

Is My Assay Good?

STATLIA MATRIX graphs can tell you at a glance if your assay is performing as expected.


Is My Reportable Range Effective?

The Standard Error Profile graph makes it easy to confirm that your reportable range is within your Limits of Quantitation.

3 Parallelism Methods for Relative Potency Assays

STATLIA MATRIX provides 3 methods for determining parallelism: Chi-Square Method (direct measure of parallelism), the F Test (hypothesis test), and the Equivalence Method (empirical test).

Relative Potency Curves
Relative Potency Curves

Determine Parallelism Thresholds Automatically

STATLIA MATRIX automatically computes thresholds for the Chi Square and Equivalence methods for parallelism in relative potency assays from a pool of your previously run assays.

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