Detect Assay Drift Over Time

  • Most test methods are stable over time. But sometimes reagent lot changes or other factors can cause assay behavior to change. STATLIA MATRIX automatically monitors the behavior of a test over time and creates detailed Quality Assurance reports of this behavior periodically, so you are alerted to any behavioral changes.
  • In the above graph, the green region is from the reference assay pool, the red region is from the new assay pool, and the rust region is the overlap of the two pools. The new assay pool shows some drift from the original reference assay pool.
  • STATLIA MATRIX tracks the reagent lots used in each assay in its Reagent Inventory.
  • You can use STATLIA MATRIX’s Quality Assurance feature to compare assays that used a target reagent lot to the original assay metrics.
  • The graphs and metrics in the detailed report can document each reagent lot’s performance for regulatory compliance.